what to expect on dating at senior age?

I was married number of years husband died,I met man also widowed ,wk-ends
we go to dinner , movies church on Sun. Sat. I cook dinner for us,we have been seeing each other about 6 months I am content with things the way they are but a couple of things bother me.Christmas time we spent at his family's[son's wife parents exchanged gifts, he was taking a trip so I got him audio book to keep him company,he said he did not get me anything,not important, but on my birthday he did not get me anything or even say happy birthday he has been going to Church with me quite a while now ,does not put anything in offering plate when it comes by,I always put in check .Is he expecting me to be paying for both of us or what,any time we go out for dinner he does pay with credit card,
I realize this maybe a small thing but it baffles me?Is he cheap? broke or what?
By Missy1 14 years ago :: Dating
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