Question for the ladies regarding men approaching you...

Let me set a scene and then ask the question (guys, if you got good advice on this, chime in). A guy sees a group of maybe 2 or 3 women out somewhere, maybe at a bar, restaurant, park, etc... The guy is really attracted to one of the girls (none have rings) but finds all of them attractive. He wants to approach her/them and ask her out, or for her number, or whatever...

So, my question is... how should he do this? I realize the easy answer is to just go up to the one he likes and start talking to her. But, from a guy's perspective, lets say she either doesnt like him, has a boyfriend, or whatever... its not like he can say "well hey, what about you?" as in "since she shot me down, how about I move to my second choice?"

Is the answer to just hit on the one woman and take your chances? Is there a way to do it without making the others feel like second place? Do you wait until the one you like goes to the bathroom, which is rarely alone for women anyways? Should we just not approach yall in groups? I know location matters, such as a bar versus a library, but outside of that, how would yall want a guy to approach a group with you in it, whether it be for you or a friend, and whether it be you he liked first or second?

And lastly, lets just say he isnt really looking for anything serious. He's not looking for a future wife or anything, just someone that he might hit if off with and/or have some things in common with...

So, what do yall think?
By PolarMike 14 years ago :: Dating
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