Cheated on, can their be a second chance when it happens twice, once on a one year anniversary?

Well im not sure where to start with this so ill throw out some nice facts

Ive been with "Zach" for over a year
We met because I was worried about him, he was wanting casual sex, and I worried he would get hurt, either by someone, or by a std. He turned out to be a wonderful person after i got to know him, and i thought he changed, We started dating, and I have to say, he turned out to be the most loving person I could ever imagine, he even bought us train tickets to go on a day trip. He always seemed so loving and caring, my room is FULL of stuffed animals and other things he got me, we even went to prom together (amazing), well things get odd from here, he meets a new guy (NICK), which not to sound bad, but the guy was a whore, you ask , he'll blow you, etc. very much into the casual encounter thing, not to mention not a very nice or caring person,well on our one year anniversary, I had to be out of town, (went to Canada, Great place) (he spent the night with nick that night) and he cheated on me that day, well, further, another week, and i go to his house to make him lunch ( i do this ALL THE TIME) and he wasnt there, he gets back to his house 20 mins after i wait on the porch, and tells me he was at church with some friends ( he spent the night yet again with Nick) he tells me that he wanted to see what it was like with another guy ( they DID NOT have sex, just made out, and slept with him, We havent even had sex) What do you think about all this?
By Cook 16 years ago :: Dating
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