Avatar duplication? Mine or PolarMike's? Or a glitch?

VikingBear here. I have a question for everyone here that's been here for more than four months.
I have been using an avatar of a polar bear with his blue tounge sticking out for some time. When avatars were first allowed, I had a different polar bear with his head down on his paws, and I didn't care for it. I found my current avatar by doing a search for polar bears, and cropping it to fit.
At the time, I believe I saw a another avatar of a polar bear being used by PolarMike, and tried to find something different and distinctive to avoid confusion. PolarMike has been away for a while.
PolarMike is back again, and is using essentially the same avatar as I am, cropped in virtually the same manner.
Does anyone remember my prior avatar, and PolarMike's avatar, and whether there has been a duplication now? I suspect a computer glitch, as I had a seriously difficult time editing my current avatar into place.
If PolarMike actually had the avatar I am using first, I need to make a different selection. I went back about fifty pages, but could not find any indication of PolarMike's responses during that four-month period to compare the avatars.
The duplication is very precise; look at the border on the right in particular to compare the cropping.
Anyone able to corroborate or disprove my speculations?
By VikingBear 14 years ago :: General
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