Should i leave and move on, or stay???

i have met this girl as soon as a finished high school. i was 18, and she was 19, (only few months older than me. i met her through a friend. anyway, i loved her since i saw her, but wasnt expecting to be serious with her. anyway we started a relationship after a week, all i could see is her in my life. 1 month later i get an offer from university to study, i accept it, but it didnt mean anything to me as much as her. i loved her like crazy, i saw her pretty much everynight and when ever she used to get days off from her work.

3 months into the relationship, we did it (sex). after 6 months into the relationship, her family wanted to meet me, so i went down to her house and saw everyone, her parents were good.

(during that 6 months, i was happy and not happy at the same time, because i couldnt study, i just passed in the courses.
so i used to tell her that i wanted to leave her, and she used to cry on the phone to me no to, even before we did it.)

when we used to see eachother almost everynight, she used to get home late, like after 12, because we enjoyed seeing eachother. but she used to get into trouable with her parents. i wanted to fix this problem but we couldnt fix it because we loved eachother soo much to the point nothing else mattered to us. i couldnt tell her to go because i wanted her to stay and secondlly i could sound too harsh on her.

7 months into the relationship, her parents found out that we did it, (stupid of me, i wrote her a text message and her sister saw it)
i didnt see her for weeks, but we kept messaging and calling eachother everynight. after a month, she got a job, so she can see me. oh, the job was 50 minutes drive from my house, and i didnt care, as long as i see her, i skiped uni and stuff, untill now i dont know how to study good. that went on for 2 months.

after that, her parents allowed her to see me, but her brothers and sisters were totally against it, so they became against us.
they used to fight everyday with her because they couldnt see us together anymore. but she stood against them. i suffered from depression because they went against her and she used to cry on the phone to me, and i couldnt do anything.
after a while, she started to become a bitch to me, after a month ofbeing like this, i wanted to leave her, but she didnt want to. however, one day she made me soo angry and i made a big mistake, ( i slaped her) i regret that day, and i told her to leave me, and she wouldnt still,, then things went really bad with us, on top of my depression, now hitting, and my life got sooo messed up not knowing what to do.

this went for 8 months, my studies were shokking.

after that, things went good with us again.

now out of no where she wants to leave me, after all this, i have become so attached to her, and cant breath with out her. so i stopped her. but i dont this she want to continue, i am not sure if its true or not. should i just let her go or get back with her good. however, my uni need soo much work, and i am confused, its been over two years now and i am in my 3rd year, and my life is messed up as hell. by the way, i left all my friends for her, so if we leave eachother, i wont have any friends at all. so please, any solution to this, as a result of my depression i think about ending my life, and i seem to always this negatively, this is not me,, i dont know how to be "me" again....

i have put this relationship under marriage because our relationship was pretty much like marriage but i didnt see it until now,,, because we were commited....
By jason23 14 years ago :: Marriage
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