Should I just agree to disagree?

I am 19, and my boyfriend is 20. We have been together since i was 15 and are now living together. We are happy and our relationship is going really well.
The problem, however, is my family. I love them dearly but there is just one thing that just keeps coming up. They are pressuring me to have a baby. My father continually tells i would be a good mum (which is fine, i'll take it as a compliment). But then they keep asking me when do i think i will have a baby, why am i not open to it now, etc. I finished high school two years ago and am in my first year of university doing an honours course that i really want to finish (I worked for a year) and am working part time at two jobs. I have told them that i am focusing on getting an education and a career but I (and my boyfriend) both want babies...ONEDAY, when we are mature enough, married and financially stable enough to consider it. I want to live my life a little first!
When i say i want a career first i get the "oh well i didn't realise that was the plan!" response. I have tried, countless times, to get my point across calmly, explaining that in probably ten years i will be all for having a baby.
The situation gets really quite heated and i am sick of explaining myself. I try to stay calm but i just want them to understand, they act like i'm a disapointment! They already have grandchildren they dote on so it's not as if they are desperate for grandkids.
I just want this to end. I don't want the strain on the relationship. It is better now that i have moved out. Living with my boyfriend is an environment that supports my study and lowers my stress (i suffer from anxiety), but even during visits they bring it up.
Is there anything i can do or say to put an end to this, or should i just agree to disagree?
By Super_girl 14 years ago :: Parent/Child
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