Should I respond to my biological father who wanted nothing to do with me for nearly 30 years?

So here's the skinny, this guy was abusive to my mother, or so she told me when I asked about this guy. He never tried to contact me, essenstially he never had anything to do with me growing up and even gave up his rights so I could get adopted by another man.
When I tried to contact him nearly 10 years ago to try and learn about that side of my family and any possible medical conditions I should know about it he never returned my phone calls or my letters.
Now with the introduction technology and social sites, he has popped back into my life. First he just started to follow my tweets and I ignored it. I don't care who does that, and that time I brushed him off.
Then just today I get a Facebook message from him saying that he was sorry for any pain that he has caused me.
So here's a man who did nothing for me when I was growing up, never partcipated in any way, no letters or calls or general interest. Ignored my requests when I was ready or wanted to learn more. Now he sends this.

Should I repsond back to this man or let him feel lonliness of silence?
By Semper_Cogitans 14 years ago :: Parent/Child
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