Is he wrong about his child support or am I really the greedy witch he accuses me of being?

My ex husband and I were together for 17 years and have only been divorced for a few months. We had recently agreed to seek individual counseling to work on our own issues in the hopes that we could someday go to counseling together and see where it takes us. We don't live together and I have full custody of our 3 kids. At the time of the divorce I was a stay at home mom so the kids and I have moved in with my parents temporarily. He had a great job.

He has since lost the great job. He is getting unemployment benefits but I agree he can't afford to pay the child support amount that was based on his salary. I wanted us to sit down and make a budget to figure out what he could afford to pay and then readjust the child support again when he finds a job. He kept telling me he would write me a check or we would talk once his unemployment was approved.

After he lost his job he cashed out $6k in retirement. He blew through all of that money without giving me a dime. He bought a 42" flat screen tv, repainted his car, eats out constantly, etc.

I finally approached him about this yesterday and he flew off the handle and called me names and said I was greedy. I thought that I was being reasonable by not taking any money from him during the time he was waiting for his unemployment checks and the fact that I was willing to adjust the amount to something he could afford.

His position is that how he spent the retirement money is none of my business and since he doesn't have a job I shouldn't collect a dime from him until I deplete any savings of my own.

I cannot understand this train of thought at all. We aren't even close to compromising on this so obviously one of us is very, very wrong. Is it me or him?
By thatgirl1375 14 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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