I need advice about what to do about these two guys?

Alright now. i'm currently going out with this guy i like but i mostly said yes to him because all of my friends said i should. he's nice and he says he loves me. but i've liked this other guy for a while(tom) and even though i like my boyfriend(ethan), i don't feel the same around him. i'll be around ethan and im comfortable but i don't feel anything and then when im around tom i cant help but smile. he gives me butterflies. when i talk to him i spill my guts. i tell him everything. i try not to but he just pulls it out of me. i've known tom since i was a little girl so we talk a lot when we're around each other but i wouldnt call us "best friends". i know he has flaws but i cant help but see him as perfect. he'll brush up against me and i cant breathe. and when i pass him in the halways my stomach starts doing gymnastics.
ethan's something else though. he seems more like a friend then a boyfriend but everyone wants us to be together and he keeps telling me he loves me and i feel guilty for liking tom so much. ethan is really sweet so i cant break up with him and i keep making little mistakes he makes seem all bad (which i dont usually do to people). i like ethan and i really want to feel something but its just not there.
im just looking for advice because im not sure what to do. please help!
By 14 years ago :: Dating
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