I am desperate...and i am really sorry for what I did

i am a 16 year old girl and my relationship to my mother never has been very good. But my dad always trustet me and helped me when things with my mom wouldnt work out.
Just as yesterday: i wanted to go out with friends and asked my dad if it was ok for him of i would be home at 1 am. He was. So everthing was fine.
Until i got a little bit drunk later that evening and all of
my friends were still staying so i thought to myself "how about coming home a bit later, they're sleeping so they wont even notice" that was the dumbest idea i ever got in my whole life! And i am SO sorry for that!
So i came home at about 4 in the morning seeing my parents worrying and calling all my friends' home to ask if they know where i am.
Of course they were really mad at me and i totally understand that. In the morning we were talking about the situation and i felt very bad for letting them down. I said i would be home at 1 and came 3 hours to late.
I was just too stupid whenever i got that idea :(
now i am sure my parents wont let me go anywhere forthe next few weeks and i am ok with that cause i understand i did something wrong and need to get their trust back. But i dont know HOW. My boyfriend told me to do everything they want for the next time. I think hes right, i'll try it, but its going to be difficult cause i am always a bit...how to say..."rebellious". I dont know why, maybe i should go to a therapist.
I already told my parents that i am sorry for what i did and that they could forbid me everything they want exept for my boyfriend, because right now he is one of the most important people in my life. He always tells me what to do if i get into an argument with my mother again and he knows that sometimes i can get really really angry at something that doesnt suit my opinion so he always tries to calm me down. I am not a very easy daughter/girlfriend, i know that, but i dont know what to do to make it better. So i am really thankful for every person who tries to help me in my situation.
By MsHelpless 14 years ago :: Parent/Child
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