Am I expecting too much ?

I am a stay at home mum with a 2 year old and my husband works 6 days a week, wakes at 5am and is home anywhere between 4.30pm & 6pm Mon - Friday and 2pm on a Saturday. I am currently in negotiations with work to decide the hours I will be going back in 8 weeks. It may be one or 2 days a week.

My husband is usually asleep on the couch by 7 - 10 pm so I am left to do all the duties in the house, including looking after my son. He wakes at 4am on a Sunday and my son wakes around 9am so he has 5 hours to clean the kitchen etc before he looks after my son so I can get a sleep in, but this is very rarely done. I try to clean the house on the 2 days per week my son is at his nannas and also after tea or when he goes to bed at night. I also organize and cook every single night. The only contribution he has to the house is to bath my son once or twice a week and maybe put the rubbish bin out.

I said to my husband 2 days ago that we need to start putting away after ourselves and I received a smart response asking what else he does wrong. In the last 2 days he has dropped coffee & chillies all over the floor and left it there, left his wet undies in the shower until they have gone mouldy and smell out the tiles and the whole room, left the back light on all night until I found it at 4pm the next day, left the kitchen light on until I saw it at 11am - I pay all the bills and money is tight so I am constantly on him to turn lights off when he is not using them.

The topper was today when I had to close the front door 3 times because the ducted heater was on, after the 3rd time I cracked it and we had a huge fight where he told me that I do nothing around the house and pointed to one box of coke that I had left on the floor because I was unable to lift it. On the days that my son is at his nannas I clean from the minute he leaves to the minute he comes home, even though most days I am exhausted, I have only ever slept twice on these days as I was sick.

My son is very demanding so I have no hope of doing any work while he is awake, he wakes between 9am and 11.30pm most days, I used to sit up until around 1am cleaning but cannot do that anymore.

I told him tonight that I am sick of being taken for granted and that he will need to stay at home and start looking after his son as I have had enough of it, I get no thanks and every time I point out how he is making my job harder he just keeps telling me that I do nothing around the house.
By trissh 14 years ago :: Marriage
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