Does she still want to be with me?

i have been with this girl for two years, and in that two years, we have managed to get engaged.
1. her family are against us
2. she ran away with me for a month, but her parents managed to get her home by saying that we could still be together, then now they telling her to completely leave me.
okay.... 2 days after she went back home, she started to feel different towards me and i could feel that she doesnt care about me anymore, but when i ask her if she still care about me, she says she does, but i DONT feel that she cares anymore,,, I really LOVE this girl,, thats why i got engaged to her,, she used to love me like crazy too,,, but she have changed bad with me,,,

few days ago,, i was telling her what of a good lovers we used to be,,
Then she opened up to me,, she was saying that her parents and sisters are telling her to leave me,, and that we arent right for each-other. then i told her if she still loves me,, then she said yes,,,

BUT i dont feel that she is saying the truth...and i DONT feel that miss me,,,

before we ran away,, i could tell how much she miss me everyday,, but now i dont feel that she miss me or even car about me....

however,now i have suspesion that she is "flirting" with guys,, and she could leave me at any second...

how do i save her?
By tiida 14 years ago :: Dating
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