My ex never return my calls/text messages, what should I do?

My boyfriend who I have been with for almost a year recently broke up with me because of his career. He said that he tried to pass several tests to become a licensed pharmacist. I felt very depress since I broke up with him and really want to get back together with him. Eventhough we have up and downs during this relationship, I still want us to be together. However, few days ago I asked him if there is any chance we'd back together in the future (After passing his exams and other things). His response to me is No. I have been trying so hard to make this relationship works but I can't accept the fact that he left me like it. He said that he still loves me when he broke up with me. I met him through the internet. I thought about going to the dating website to start a new relationship , but I am afraid what if he changed his mind about break up and he won't be happy to see me on the dating website. Is it possible that he just want a little space for now and will want me back in the future? I am in a dilemma right now and I don't really know what he wants. Every day I woke up , the first thing comes to my mind is him. I found it was extremelly hard to forget someone that I love so much. :(
By camilla20999 14 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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