how can i attract a guy without giving off the wrong impression of my personality?

I have been single for about 4 years. Right now I have a FWB but that situation is getting a little old. I'm not a super girly girl, I don't wear makeup everyday because I feel like it masks my real appearance and I don't really feel I need to wear it because I like my natural look. When I go out (which is not often because of money and time and other issues) i like to dress up a little but not ott. Basically I wear what I'm comfortable with. I am passionate about my music and food. I don't see alot of potential guys in my town. People tell me i should doll myself up a little more to meet a guy but thats just not me and i don't want to fool the guy into thinking i'm a different person all together. What to do!!
By RowenaMomo 14 years ago :: Dating
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