Why do some non smokers go out of their way to harass smokers?

I smoke, and have been for the last 15 (+ or - 2 years), yeah can't remember that far back lol. I try to consider myself a consicous smoker, meaning I am aware of what's around me and who so that if someone who comes near me I will instinctivley move away a few steps as well as try to watch where smoke goes.
I should say that I smoke in designated areas on my college campus, and if I'm off campus I generally smoke when no one else is around.

However, recently I have been receiving comments from people about how rude I am towards them by smoking. These people aren't even around me when I light up, they come over to where I am and then make the commment. They ignore me when I ask them if putting out my cigarette would appease them.
I get the "evil eye", I get treated like some murderous fool, and I made to feel like an outcast of society. I don't even get the choice to use my own money to build shelters to code to provide more convenient places on our campus.
I just don't understand how people will walk towards a group of smokers who are not on the main walkway and then complain about how bad the smoke is or how we "Blew our smoke in their face" (actual quote from a complaint).

I know that smoking is unhealthy, and that it doesn't just affect me. However, can't there be some comprimise? If we smokers are the only ones in a particular area, can't we have it a Smoker's Only area?
I mean how many non-smokers go out of their way to consider other people during their day?
By Semper_Cogitans 14 years ago :: General
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