Would you be suspicious?

Married 25 years. Husband has never cheated. Works 24 hr shifts sometimes with women. Job requires they sleep in the same room. Husband has always been trustworthy but about a year ago, in front of his coworkers, started treating me like I was snooping wife. Made two comments about this. I had not given him any reason to say these things and when I asked him about it, he could not give me a reason for the comments. Then he started working out and using over-the-counter steroids which we had both been against. It was a huge issue when I asked him to quit. He did quit but then lost all sex drive. Haven't had sex for atleast 4 months. He claims he is tired from working 2 jobs. He doesn't think I should be concerned. Do you think I have reason to be suspicious
By nunes 13 years ago :: Marriage
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