After five and a half years, I am prepared to LET GO!

In 2000, I met my best friend! I was divorced, he was in a HORRIBLE marriage. As his marriaged crumbled, I gave him advice, talked to him alot and gave my seal of approval on his dates. In 2005, I was left alone with my 4 beautiful children, one was a new born. My best friend came over to talk....and never left! We became a couple and our families are interchangeable! LOL! However, I have beem ready to be married for 3 years now. We got engaged last spring, but no marriage. He feels that he needs be 'the complete man'! But I assure you that he already is. I have begun to issue the ULTIMATUM! He is upset, but I can't keep waiting. I am about to receive my doctorate and I have begun to think about dating again.
By UrbanEducator 14 years ago :: Dating
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