I feel betrayed by a good friend, should I forgive her and let her back into my life?

I am currently going through a really messy, ugly break up. My ex and I have been broken up for about 3-4 months now and he just recently finally moved out of the house we own together. There is a girlfriend of mine that has formed a friendship with my ex over the course of our relationship and sometimes she even comes over and hangs out with him when I am not here. She has made it perfectly clear that she considers him a friend also. A few weeks ago there was a drunken physical altercation between my ex and myself (I slapped him first, he put me through a wall and strangled me, then left). I called my girlfriend to come back and be with me because I knew she was in the area (about 5 minutes away) with another friend of ours. After about an hour she returned, come to find out she wanted to go to where my ex was first before coming to me so she could calm him down. When she got to my house, she spent about 15 minutes outside on the phone with him. She then came in the house and told me he was coming home, it was his house too, and not to start trouble. This is supposed to be my girl! When he finally came home, I asked her to not speak to him and just let him pass and go up to his room. She told me no, that she was his friend and she was going to talk to him and she did. She greeted him in a sickly sweet voice when he walked in the door, totally disregarding what I had asked her to do. Fast forward to today. She has no idea why I am not speaking to her and says I must have misunderstood things she said that night. All I know is that I would never back stab a friend like that. She continues to communicate with him to this day, but we have yet to speak.
By Louber 15 years ago :: Friends
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