I need advice on my bf!

I've been with my partner for 10months.
3months into relationship he started exchanging flirty messages to a female friend (miss u, send me a pic sxc, hot, xoxo etc). I only saw these when the preview sms popped up on the iphone. We had a fight about it and he said he wouldnt contact her again.

About a month ago he went out clubbing with his mates. He met a girl there and they exchanged numbers. The flirty messages began again with her. (which i saw thru preview again). I have not brought this up with him as yet but have dropped some pretty unsubtle hints regarding the situation.

i have since gone thru his phone (no i ddnt enjoy this) and read the history between them- again all very flirty.

I also read a msg from one of his mates asking if he was 'still tuning goldy chic'
(the girl in first para was from the goldy) My bf said yes as he needed something in backup 'incase the ship sinks'.

He has recently changed his pincode for his phone but seems to b always chattin online and sendin msgs.

Advice please??
By anon24 14 years ago :: Dating
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