Is it insensitive for my partner to insist on keeping a photograph of him and his ex together on his bookshelf

We have been seeing each other for 7 months. We spend a lot of time together mostly at his place. We cook, eat sleep together and for the most part everything is great. Sometimes I need to use his printer for work and I've noticed a photograph of him and his ex taken on the beach with her arm around him. I've asked him if he could put it in a keepsake box as it bothers me. I feel its like hanging onto the past. He says she was a big part of his life and refuses to put it away. Sometimes I think I shouldnd't spend time at his house until he is ready to put the photogrtaph away. I think he's being insensitive as it bothers me. Should he not be considering my feelings and what it means to me.
By Dakotah 11 years ago :: Dating
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