Do you and your spouse combine all your earnings and debt?

Maybe my husband and I are old fashioned and weird, but we believe marriage is about unity. With that that means everything goes from "his" or "mine" to ours, including debt. We combine everything. We do not have separate accounts and even though we do have separate credit cards, we are authorized users and consider it our debt. Everything is joint. More often now though, many couples that we know do not combine earnings and debt because they do not want to "fight" over it. Turns out though, those are the couples who fight about money the most. Although I am in charge of the bill paying, my husband and I know we have "x" amount after the bills and once it is gone it is gone until next payday. We never fight about money or who spends what. We are both very courteous of one another and understand our budget.

So do you and your spouse combine all your earning and debt?
Married 4 years.....parents have been married for 25 years and do this so maybe this where I picked it up.
By 14 years ago :: Marriage
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