Am I being selfish, or is it time for me to move on him?

I have been dating my current boyfriend for 9 years. We have been though a lot, and stuck with each other during the not so good times. Lately, I have not been happy with the way our relationship is going. He can't seem to find a stable job with the way the economy is, and therefore it is putting a strain, and holding up us being married. He wants to marry me, but says he can't because he wouldn't be able to support us. I think that I have been an excellent girlfriend in waiting for him to get himself together, but now I can see that my patience is running out. I love him, and he loves me, but this sitting around waiting for something good to happen is starting to get to me. He says that I only want things on my time, and want them done when I get ready. So am I being selfish and impatient, or do you think it is time for me to move on?
By cymp99 14 years ago :: Dating
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