is that normal when husnad drinks every day in a bar ? Does anyone solved this kind of problem?

First of all I am apologize for my english..Iam from Russia got married with
Dutch man last Year october..when i settled finily in Netherlands i found out that my husband use to go to bar every day and drinks.He is 47 and that was normal for him all his life ..i was thinking that its gonna finish one day but i guess its not..He thinks that he is very good man for me bcs he is paying all my expenses my driving scool my insurance ...etc.. i could not say anything he is a good person never shout and very polite ..kind ..i kept quite till today and i said about everything what i think about he's drinks..i dont know maybe im overreacting and very confuse if my married gets better bcs its seems to me he is not gonna stop with drinks...i dont know hat to do ..and i pregnant..
By alfiya 14 years ago :: Marriage
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