Mending a broken heart.

I was with my boyfriend for 2 years. The rship was on the rocks towards the last 6 months. I had put up with a lot he was a nasty drunk. He had six grand in bills. He couldnt keep a job for more then four months. The list gets longer but I wont go into it. So down at the shops last sunday and he gets tyers on his car so its road worthy. He goes to pay and it comes to $270. I think to my self how is he going to pay for that?. Turns out he got a new card to his credit card account. With out telling me. The maney of fights I had with him just to pay off the $270 and he goes and spends it on his car. So I cracked it and broke it off with him. One week has gone past. I feel so alone,sad,mad,angrey. I just keep crying. Im hurting big time I just dont no what to do.
By Rodda 12 years ago :: General
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