Notice or no notice?

I recently found out that the department I work in and three others are being shipped to Manila. Most of our layoff dates are for the end of the year or later. I just wanted to find out what your perspectives were. Would you want to know 8 months in advance that you are losing your job? How about a week? And of course the no notice at all, just grab your crap and be escorted to the doors.

Where I can say it's nice to be able to plan, the huge amount of notice we got to me is a little much. Most of us won't leave before our dates mostly for the severance and the retention bonus we will receive, I am a prime example of that will 11 years invested here. However as time draws closer the morale in the company is just going to suck. I have been there done that before and every day I would walk into the office I could feel the happiness sucked out of me. After a few months of that I started taking the dragged down feeling back home.

With little or no notice you have no time to plan but you also have no time to dread the upcoming event and there isn't even enough time to have morale go down before its over and done with.

So I am just guessing that a couple of you if not most of you have been here before and I just wanted your thoughts. And any advice if you wish.
By i8lsd4u 14 years ago :: Workplace/Co-workers
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