Help with English homework! "The Haunting" by Shirley Jackson

I need a thesis for my essay for "The Haunting" by Shirley Jackson.
A thesis is just one sentence that reflects what the whole essay is generally going to be about. I am just having a hard time thinking of a subject to write about.
Quick Summary on "The Haunting":
Three guests are invited by Doctor Montague, one of the characters who is a sophisticated doctor who believes in life after death, to come to the haunted Hill House and see what they experience. They each have had prior experience with something paranormal. Eleanora, one of the guests, had not really had a fulfilled life and Hill House was her chance to change. She later ebcomes posessed by the house and is forced to leave. She, however, doesn't want to leave and crashes her car into a tree, commiting suicide. The other guests are fine and continue to live their lives normally after their stay at Hill House.
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