My husband thinks I am overreacting! I!!!

Hi I need everyones help to decide if I am over reacting. I am 19 years old. I go to college in the mornings and I also have a part time job in the evenings. I am also married. My husband is a few years older and he has not worked since January. Currently I am on vacation until the fall when classes start. I have a older car a 96 to be exact and at my job we always have extra shifts available. I decided I want a newer car before school starts but I need to save up some money. So I decided I would work my shift 5-9 and add 2 hours each day so I would be getting out at 11. My husband got so mad when I would get home at this time and acted like if I was doing something bad. I told him if you can buy me my car fine Ill stop working overtime but at this point you don't have a job. I decided "maybe it's the time frame" so I signed up for morning shif 6 am to 1 pm...go home eat, spend time with him and go back to work 5pm to 9pm. He did not like that as well. Right now I am soooo upset with him he says I AM OVERREACTING!!!! AM I WRONG?
By aleg_04 14 years ago :: Marriage
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