Is it ok for my girlfriend to talk/TEXT guys that want to be more than friends, also have guys on her facebook

Ok so my girlfriend and I have been together 3 years I love her more than anything. Into our second year of dating I found out she was cheating, and since then our trust hasnt been the same, So since then weve worked things out and are back together, over the course of our relationship she has had alot of guy friends which is fine, but some of these guys want to be more than friends, some are interested in being more, they text send and say things just a friend wouldnt say, I ask her to please stop talking to these few certain guys and erased them from her phone and from her facebook profile, she says she should have to, now i dont want to be controling in anyway and its not like its every guy its just the ones i know personally want to be more than her friend Everyday I express how much i love her and she says she loves me too , i have forgiven her for cheating once and i want to move forward in this relationship, I just want to know if its ok for her to have these types of guys on her facebook and in her phone.? She says "whats the big deal im not gonna go out with them". Thank you
By kritickill84 14 years ago :: Dating
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