"Best" Friend copies my life.

okaayy so as of now my old "best" friend thinks its okay to steal all my ideas. literally everything i tell her i want to do she runs out and does it before i have a chance so then it will look like i copy her. or if i find something im intrested in all of a sudden she is absolutly in love with whatever it is. so she pushed it to a whole other level about a week ago by taking my tattoo idea. i have been talking about this tattoo for months now and i showed a mutual guy friend (she likes him but he doesnt like her) a picture of it and he said that he loved it. the next day she texts me and says that shes getting that tattoo. SAME TATTOO IN THE SAME EXACT PLACE THAT I WANTED IT then told me that i had no right to be pissed and that i dont "own" the tattoo, which i dont but being my "best" friend and knowing how much i wanted it i dont think thats the right thing to do. then she got extremely nasty when i told her that it pissed me off and that it bothers me how much she copies me. what do you guys think?
By Dbaby807 14 years ago :: Friends
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