How to handle a friend??

Ok first off I am 37 and my friend is 33. She is engaged and I'm married. Everytime I tell her that I have done something she either goes and does it too or says she has already done that! If she doesn't say that she will try to make what she did sound way better than what I did. Here are some examples....
If we are talking on the phone she'll ask what I cooked. I will tell her then she hangs up and cooks the same exact dinner but will add one thing so it won't look obvious. I stopped working a few years back after I had a baby to be home with him. She eventually stopped working too. Then she complains of how tough it is to make ends meet. If she sees a purse that I'm carrying she'll ask what store because she wants to buy it too. When I noticed I started telling her that I forgot where I bought things from. My kids and hubby noticed that she does this before I noticed.
My hubby got a promotion she says her fiancee did too but never mentioned it before that day. The friday before Mother's day I texted her & told her I would call her back later because I was at the salon getting my hair done. I told her that we were going out of town to the beach for the weekend. She texts me back and says you guys are following us cause we are too! She goes on to say she's going to stay in Donald Trump Hotel& Towers in Chicago! She never mentioned this B4 that day. I text her back & asked didn't she have to work that day? She says the boss paid her for her days and found someone to cover her shifts and paid the person double pay. Then told her to go out and enjoy. Mind you she has only been there maybe a month. She also says she's renting a car to drive to Chicago which is over 1000 miles away only to have to be back on Monday! All this coming from a person that was complaining of making ends meet a few days earlier! Then she tells me she is only paying 47 bucks for the room! I guess she thought about what she told me about making ends meet.
Usually she calls me daily but on these two days she didn't call only texted & said she was getting massages at Trump Towers. I called her she wouldn't answer& didn't return my call till Tuesday. I called her home and the line was busy. She was afraid I would hear her dog barking at home and know this was a lie!
When she did call I asked her how the trip went she avoided talking about it. I asked her did she take pics she said she was so excited that she forgot. She only took pics in the hot tub and can't show those. I asked her about how the rooms looked she only said IMAGINE a big old living room with a bedroom??!!!
Why in the world do some people lie & try to compare themselves with others??? I don't understand why a person would go to such great lengths to impress others. She is a little too old to be playing these kind of games. Sorry for such a long story...
By WhatintheWorld 14 years ago :: Friends
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