I want to know if im going to wind up on Dr. Phil with people secretly thinking "what was she thinking"!

I have been with my Fiance for 3 years (I have known him for 15 years - friend of the family). Our relationship was perfect until we bought a house... (we are both 26years old)

If we are having an argument (non heated) he will all of a sudden start saying really mean things, eg. "Your a filthy pig", "This is the worst relationship I've ever been in", " Your just like your mother", "Your Stupid".
He also got angry at me because I wouldn't do "The deed" a week after my dad was killed in a boat accident...

Everytime he blows up like that he comes to me the next morning and says "do you want to talk about last night". Im usualy an emotional wreck for a week after then everything goes back to normal - He never says "sorry", I just seem to forget about it...

I've been through alot with my Fiance.. he was the one who performed CPR on my father and stayed with his body etc
We have also lost 2 babies together

I said I was leaving him because I felt he was an emotional abuser and he said we should try counselling.. Should I try counselling or am I wasting my money? I have a great fear that im in a horrible relationship and no-one has the guts to tell me... and Im going to wind up on Dr. Phil....
By OzzieMozzie6 14 years ago :: Dating
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