Should I give my husband a second chance or should I file for divorce?

My grandfather recently passed away and it prevented my husband and I from going on vacation. Instead of being supportive of me, my husband tells me he is very disappointed in not being able to go on our trip and is combative about how much money he is losing by not going on this trip. He even brought up the idea that we should fly out right after the funeral. I told him he was being insensitive and that all I need is for him to support me. However, instead of calming down, he keeps on ranting about missing out on the trip (a trip he keeps on reminding me was my idea and that he only wanted to go because of now the trip is also my fault). He has even gone and talked to my friends to tell them that the reason why he's acting this way is because he's a boy and he doesn't know how to handle his grief. What I would like to throw back in his face is "What about MY grief? Who is there to support ME? This is MY grandfather who passed away. Why should I feel like I have to apologize for my grandfather's passing?" I have moved out and he has yet to contact me but has lots of time to call my friends who are now justifying his behavior because "that's how he deals with pain". I feel like this is complete BS and I have lost all respect for him. I feel like even if we were able to move past this, I would always feel resentment towards him because I have not been able to deal with my grandfather's death. Instead I have to contemplate divorce during this especially difficult time. We'll be married 2 years in August but were together for almost 10 years.
By Tran 14 years ago :: Marriage
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