Is he falling out of love with me?

I am starting to think that my husband is no longer in love with me. He loves me--but is not in love with me and we don't talk much. Can this be stemmed from weight gain?

It is finally our anniversary dinner, we had nothing to really say to each other besides a few comments on the basketball game. To start the night off--I wanted to look extra special. I place a few extra hair extensions in my hair to look sexy. First thing he asked was if they were tracks and said that he hated it. We did not have the anniversary night "intimacy"--and haven't in a looong time.

Days later he made comments about me having a double-chin, and that my butt was big when I sat in a tiny fold up chair. I don't think any of this is true.

Here is my weight situation. When he met me at 18, I was 107 lbs. When we married 10 years later, I was 132 pounds and still shapely. Now after having a baby last year, I am 152 pounds. 5' 5" and still shapely.

I am currently in a diet and active routine to lose weight by the end of June. I don't plan on doing daily cooking that would assist with any weight gain so if I don't eat--he won't eat.

With all of this, is it just the weight or could he be losing interest?
By swflmami 14 years ago :: Marriage
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