How often do men take an active role in household colors, bedding choices, decorations etc?

I recently had a heated arguement with my fiancee and he admitted he thought I was pushy and self centered to pick both a new duvet cover & curtains for the BR and trim paint and wallpaper for the hall without asking him first (it wasn't due to $ or time, simply that he did not weigh in on the choice). I had already been disappointed when I wasn't "allowed" to move my expensive massage chair (because he thought it was too big and did not like the material - which I said that I could have been reupholstered) and a custom made cherry table that he felt was too big.
I don't mean to be steriotypical, but doesn't the majority of the house set-up usually belong to the woman. Although this may seem like an insignificant problem, I am mainly concerned that his anger is actually rooted in his desire to control everything and not the fact that he doesn't like my beautiful, new Martha Stewart Duvet cover:)
By lynn123 14 years ago :: Marriage
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