want my friend back, but dont know what to say or do. please help!

so it all starts with tabitha*. shes been one of my close friends for almost four years now. we're still in high school. last summer, she had a relationship with our friend from school, john*. no one really knew much about it because it was during summer break. however he broke it off after about a month.

we start school again about 2-3 weeks after the break up. it was awkward between them for a week or two but they got over it. he got a new girlfriend in a year below us and she'd gotten with other guys. she would sometimes mention how much of a d**k he was to her an what not.

3 months on, im about to leave for a 3 month trip to paris. on one of my last nights we all go to a party. everyone had been drinking, some people were quite messy. john* and I had not drank much at all and were definitely sober. tabitha* was quite drunk early but it wore off as the night went on.

at 3am we managed to get everyone inside and attempting to get some sleep. there are five of us sharing some mattresses on the ground. billy*, tabitha*, john*, me*, then morgan*.

later on when everyone was asleep, john* and i end up kissing. later tabitha* wakes up. she's right next to us as we're still kissing. she grabs me by the hair and takes me out of the room into the bathroom where she starts to cry. i feel horrible. i didnt know what to say. i still dont.

she says its the worst thing i could have ever done to her. but i still dont think its the bad. theyd been together one month and we're in high school, so i assumed thats nothing terribly serious? and i kissed him three months later. he'd had another girlfriend and she'd kissed many others since then.

after a week she called me and wanted to forget it and move on as i was leaving to paris and we wanted it to be while we were still talking. 2 months later she and two other girls (when they were all together) bring it up again, via facebook chat while im in paris. i start crying because it hurts me, the things they say. i realise it was stupid but it was one mistake and we all make them right? now we're not taking again and i come home in two weeks and im not sure what will happen.

oh and ofcourse, john* is in no trouble. his lifes fine, like nothing ever happened.
By 411995 14 years ago :: Friends
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