What to do when your partner wants you to drink more?

My partner and I don't have many nights off together, but when we do, we often go out for a meal or to a bar for some drinks. Since we have recently moved in together, in the interest of saving some money (and for the health benefits) I have decided to cut down on my alcohol intake (which is not excessive anyway). I do not wish to pressure him into doing the same - I have no problem with him drinking as much as he likes! So, tonight he came home and asked if I wanted to go for a meal. I said 'great, I'll drive'. But he does not like the idea of me not drinking with him and would now rather not go out at all and stay in and cook instead. Do you think this makes any sense? We do not drink a lot when we go out anyway. Why does it make any difference to him if I drink or not?! We will still have a nice meal, and go to a bar and chat. I now feel pressured to drink alcohol and we will then have to pay for a taxi home - meaning we both lose out on money.

Its not that big a deal - just curious to hear some opinions!
By Mar23 13 years ago :: Dating
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