Should I try to remain friends with someone close that I dated?

Hey guys... I knew this girl for 18 months and, tbh, I messed stuff up with her really badly. We only dated for like the last 5 weeks or so of knowing her. This girl had a pretty massive crush on me for around the first 9 months that I knew her but I just couldn't see it and was going out with other girls. But I still spoke to her quite a bit on MSN etc,,, Eventually she asked me out but I wasn't free - I could see that I was hurting her a lot. Eventually I just stopped talking to her but she always started messaging me again.

Unfortunately, I got really depressed (this is around knowing her for a year) and I just needed someone to talk to... and she was there. Like every day for around 3 months that I spoke to her about how terrible I felt about life etc. And she answered everything...for like 5+ hours per day. She really, really helped me and I began to see how much she mattered to me.

About a month later she told me she could never be friends with me and that she wanted to know how I felt about her. I told her that I hadn't liked her at the start but I'd really started to like her more and that I wanted to go out with her, (she proceeded to be quite offended that I liked her personality or something but who cares lol).

So we went out a couple of times...made out a LOT...and I realised that I really did feel deeply for her. Last time we met was in a dark alley and things were all steamy and she had her hand on my penis etc, etc., and two days later she told me she was "traumatised" and "freaked out" and that we couldn't go out again.

She described the thought of having sex with me or making out with me as "ew" and said she could see now that it would never work. So obviously I'm boned but I'm not pretty deeply attached to this girl.

Should I just move on or give being friends a shot? Is this going to tear me up completely? We did both agree before going out that: "We will never be friends" but, on the other hand, she always makes me feel better. Seems like a situation that is going to hurt me a lot in the long run even if it helps me a bit now. What do you think?
By 11 years ago :: Dating
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