Is it weird to want to share your boyfriend?

Long story short I want my best friend to have sex with my boyfriend who is by the way well hung... lol I am lucky... I am very adventurous and want to make him happy.

I also think my friend is very sexy too she is very small and petite like me and I want to watch her have sex with my boyfriend and help have the best expierence ever.

I know I am probably wierd but I am just wondering about it.
Of course I want to participate. I think I am bisexual but I am not sure but its a fantasy that I have in my mind all the time.
I am also not the jealous type and I have not told my boyfriend about my fantasy yet but I think most guys would go for it. I just want to see my best friend get pounded by his 10 inch dick lol sorry to be so blunt I know I am weird. thanks for answering even if I do not like your answers
My freind and I are on birth control. I am not jealous and I love my boyfreind and he makes me so happy but I can not stop thinking of this fantasy.
My boyfriend says he loves me and he has done so many things that my previous boyfriends have not. That is why I want to share this fantasy with him.
By 14 years ago :: Dating
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