Should i be suspicious??

Ok, so my partner and I have been together for almost a year and everything has been bliss for the most part.
Lately he has been taking his phone to the shower with him. Now this wouldn't bother me except that he tries to hide the fact that he's taking it.

Eg- 2nights ago when he thought i wasnt watching, he stuffed it down his pants (i noticed, mentioned it and he just pulled it out laughing). I didn't move for 10mins till the dinner timer sounded and in that time he was just tickling me and generally mucking around (so much for his shower!). The second i got up to check on dinner, he was in the shower and (alas) he had taken his phone with him.
I didn't say anything, we had dinner, then i went to have a shower. Obviously remembering he had left his phone in there, my partner rushed in before me to 'get his dirty clothes out so they'd be nothing on the floor' (which he has never done before). But by grabbing his clothes he now had somewhere to stash his phone. I followed him into his room to get my clothes and he put his pile of clothes down very gently!
After finishing shower, my partner was doing the dishes so i went into his room and very gently tapped my foot over his clothes. HIS PHONE WAS HIDING IN HIS JUMPER!

Should i be suspicious that he's hiding this from me?? Im offended that he thinks i wouldn't notice this.
By anon24 11 years ago :: Dating
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