My wife says she needs "space" and has developed feelings for another, but wants to work on us! What do I do?

Married for 25 years. She has spoken about being unhappy before. Now she met this younger guy (brother of her good friend of hers) who has given her attention. She insists that nothing has happened. They only "talk". She also says that she has never had this kind of attention from another guy since we've been married. She wants us to work this out and see a counselor. I agree! I am going crazy! Can't focus, can't sleep, losing my appetite. My stomach is in a constant knot! Now that I've lost her attention, I feel so confused, sad and angry! I have been a good (not perfect) husband. Helped with the kids and around the house. I take care of all the bills, and ask her to share that with me. She prefers to shop rather than save and plan for the big events. We have 3 children - 2 boys and 1 girl - 22, 19, 17 respectively.
What can I do? How much trust can I place in her? I have cought her secretly texting at 3 am, and when she went out with her friends, they closed down the club and she stayed to "talk" to him while I was worried that she was hurt!
Someone please help me!!!!!!!
By i500tx 14 years ago :: Marriage
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