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A TODDLER whose mother was convicted of making two other young children fight each other is critically ill after being run over by a car on her driveway.
Two-year-old Katie Olver suffered serious head injuries when she was crushed under a Ford Mondeo in front of her mother Serenza Olver, 31.
Cops were told the tot had somehow turned on the car's ignition and she had fallen under the front wheel as it moved backwards.
But officers yesterday said they were keeping an "open mind" about the incident which happened in a quiet cul-de-sac in Plymouth, Devon.
In 2007 Serenza and sisters Zara and Danielle and their mother Carole were convicted of child cruelty for goading two toddlers into fighting each other.
The four laughing women videoed the fight and taunted the crying youngsters with names like 'wimp' and 'faggot'.
Zara and Danielle have now posted internet messages of support to their sister as she keeps an anxious hospital vigil for Katie.
Zara wrote: "thanku everyone 4 all ur nice comments. people who dnt knw wot happened shouldn't speculate bout it if u aven't got anything nice to say bout this den do 1.
"It's a terrible accident, her mum is a great mum she is doin her best for her lil girl u ave people round assumin her mum didn't do anythin she did all she cud. thanku to da people that were der for her wen it happened we r all very gratefull to u."
Danielle wrote: "This is a complete freak accident and no one is to blame."
The accident happened around 4.45pm on Friday when the Ford Mondeo driver called at Serenza's house.
Police and paramedics at the scene were told that Katie had climbed into the car and started the engine as her mother chatted to her friend.
She managed to turn the key in the ignition and as the car moved backward on the driveway fell out of the door and onto the ground.
The youngster was hit by the driver's-side wheel and she suffered "life-threatening" head injuries.
She was initially taken to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth but has since been transferred to the specialist head trauma unit at Frenchay Hospital in Bristol.
Local resident Kim Dunridge was first on the scene with her husband Barry, an ex-Army medic, who gave the tot first aid.
Kim, 47, said: "I heard a scream and then I ran over and shouted for someone to call an ambulance.
"Barry got her in the right position and gave her mouth to mouth while telling another woman how to give her chest compressions.
"She was unconscious and he brought her around, the police called him a hero. He was covered in blood. He is just so cut up."
Barry added: "It was the most awful thing you can possible imagine. She was trapped under the full weight of the car.
"I did what I could to help but we were both covered in blood. I haven't slept since it happened. It was very traumatic.
"She has two little brothers who are really cut up. They whole family are devastated and we just hope she pulls through."
Yesterday Sergeant Gary Williamson of Plymouth police, said: "The driver of the Mondeo called at the house to pick up a child. Mum was stood chatting with the owner of the car.
"At some stage of the vehicle being on the drive the two-year-old clambered into the driving seat and started the engine. It shot back and she fell under the front driver side wheel."
In a statement today Devon and Cornwall police said: "Enquiries are continuing and we are keeping an open mind. The girl remains in a serious but stable condition."
Three years ago Serenza and sisters Zara Care, 24 and Danielle Olver, 22, and their mother Carole Olver, 52, narrowly avoided jail for making two children fight each other.
They were arrested when the toddlers' natural dad borrowed a video camera and found a sickening seven-minute recording on it.
It showed a two-year-old boy being made to attack his three-year-old sister as his own family call him a "wimp" and a "bloody faggot".
The four women were all heard laughing as the boy and girl screamed in pain.
The children - wearing nappies - were told to slap and punch each other using their hands and a hair brush.
When they backed away from each other the woman goaded them on, calling them 'wimps' and 'faggots' and telling them to "boot" each other.
The four women all admitted inciting the ill treatment of children and were given a 12 month prison sentence suspended for two years and ordered to do 100 hours community work.
Zara also pleaded guilty to two charges of causing or procuring the children to be assaulted, ill treated, neglected, abandoned, or exposed in a manner likely to cause unnecessary suffering or injury to health.
A judge branded them "cruel and callous".

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