Curiosity is killing this cat!

I am in a bit of mess..
here goes..
couple of days ago curiosity took over me and I snooped my guy's password.
I discovered a few nothings about me which did disturb me but they were minor yet as it was, i couldn't say a word even though I knew every thing..
Today, I had a fight with him(he has a history of spoiling special days birthdays n anniversaries) because he kind of again ruined our anniversary.
Anyway, curiosity took over me and I check his account to find that he'd spoken to a female friend about it but he had mentioned me as "I am upset because I had a fight with a female friend, not girl friend"
I am hurt and things have been a bit rough between us for a while but does he no more loves me or no more likes to address me as his girlfriend???
By katcat 14 years ago :: Dating
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