Why did my ex-friend do this? Update from the liar friend question weeks ago.

Ok some of you who are regulars might remember my question a few weeks back about my ex- friend.
I told her I was going on a trip for Mother's Day and all of a sudden she says she was too... only she was going to Donald Trump's Hotel to stay and get couple's massages and only had to pay 47 dollars for the entire stay?
Well alas the truth has been revealed. One of her immediate family members told me she was at home for that weekend this person has no reason to lie.

My ex-friend and I were facebook (FB) friends and all of her FB friends live in the town where Donald Trump Hotel is located. I asked about pics from the trip on her page. She never replied then all of a sudden she removed the post. A few days later she posts about how much she misses these friends that she should of seen IF she went on that trip. I replied to this post jokingly "You just saw them last week on you trip there!" LOL. She then removes me from her friend list. I go on a few days later and try to go on her page...she is no longer in my friend list. Mind you we are still talking every day and she never says a thing. I send her a message and asked her why she has removed me? She pretends she doesn't know how I was removed and she would add me back. She adds me but oddly when I try to go to her page I get an error "page not available". I try searching her on FB also looking in others friend lists that I knew she was on but can't find her. I ask her why ,she says something has to be wrong because she accepted me. Then she goes on to say how a couple of her friends sent her a message upset because she came to town but they didn't see her. She also says she has taken her profile pic down & eventualIy will delete the page because of the problems with me not being able to get on. I investigate further by creating a phony page then searching for her and THERE she is plain as the nose on my face.. profile pic and all. I block my phony page from my real page and alas I get a "page unavailable error!" So now I know..she has my page blocked! But why if she is still talking to me daily and never mentioning it? I ask her about it but she pretends to not know why. Then finally she sends me a message to the phony page and says she thinks I'm jealous of her and that I start trouble and stay in mess because of my mouth. I shouldn't have mentioned her trip because she told me and not FB. She doesn't have to post pics or show me pics cause she doesn't have to prove anything to me! Where in the world is this coming from? She always asks about my trips and she will look at pics of my trips. Why does she go all defensive on me? Well we haven't spoken since and that was weeks ago. I'm fine with it. I know she was a huge liar and I didn't need her in my life anyway. But what is puzzling to me is...why would a person get mad at another person because of a lie that they told themselves??? Then try to make me out to be jealous of her? I mean honestly if she didn't want to be friends with me she should of just told me and STOPPED calling me daily. I just think that was a cowardly move to cover up her lying behavior. Sorry this was so long..
By WhatintheWorld 14 years ago :: Friends
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