Who here has been to Florida or lives nearby?

I'm in the process of planning a trip to Florida. I have never been neither has any of my family members. We are thinking maybe Destin or somewhere nearby. I'm having a hard time finding accomodations. You would think with the oil spill situation there would be cancellations and even discounted rentals. Not the case...every where is booked, the places that are not are expensive. We want a place that has a kitchen this way we save on meals by not eating out. I have surfed the internet so much till I'm seasick !LOL

I wondered if anyone here knows a website that maybe I haven't been to. Maybe someone here may have used a rental site that I don't know about. We will need at least 5 bedrooms and baths. Initially the trip was suppose to be July 6-9. I have to now go the holiday weekend because my sis just found out she has court on July 7. I might have to give up on this destination and choose another. Who knows another nice place to go in Florida that is great for kids and adults alike? I prefer the Northern area of Florida.
By WhatintheWorld 14 years ago :: General
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