Do you think my boyfriend is anti-social? Or he's just not proud of me? :(

Before I start, let me tell these things first: 1) I met my boyfriend online 2) We met thrice 3) Yes, this is long distance relationship issue 4) It's our 6th month now.

We email almost everyday, we talk to each other often over the phone as he calls me a lot, we see each other on webcam for 3 to 4 times a week.

I have strong feeling that he loves me more than I do because of his sincereness and time he's allotting on me even though he works a lot.

I love him and I trust him. But everytime I ask about his work he always tells me that he is unhappy and he hates the other superiors and some of his workmates always irritates him and his workmates always #!@%* him a lot.

He once told me he drinks in a bar like 3x a month but never did he told me who are with him. I am so curious who are the people he's with whenever he's in bar. And whenever I ask him about friends, he always says, he doesn't have one? Is that possible?

I want to know his friends. Well I have friends who knows about our relationship and I want to know if he has someone to tell that he has a girlfriend. I am really clueless if he has friends.

For me it's kind of big deal if your partner have friends because that means he is loved and he can get along well with people. But him, I don't know if he is anti social or not. Or there might be that he is hiding something from me? OR he just don't want me to know his friends?

I worry that he might act differently if we finally met or I might be dealing with a different personality, since talking online or over the phone has a big difference compare to talking for real?

I feel like a loser since I think he's not proud of me. What do you think? I need your thoughts about this
By mariadahlia 14 years ago :: Dating
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