Should I've asked two ladies to move tables at a bowling alley?

I was assigned a lane at a bowling alley and when I arrived their with my two kids, there were two ladies sitting right at the edge of the lane I was assigned. The table was 3 feet from the edge of my lane. Their two rambunctious 5 year old boys were running on the lane they were assigned and crossing over onto my lane to be with their mommies who were seated at the table right that was assigned to my lane. I was forced to sit at what was supposed to be their table a few yards away from where me and my kids were bowling. I had to scream at my kids whenever I wanted to comment on their bowling. I could hardly see how they were bowling since I wasn't able to sit at the table by the lane!!!

After about 30 minutes, the ladies and their kids finally left. As they were leaving, a said to my daughter, they were so rude to sit at our table! Well, one of the ladies marched right back to the table and went right into my face and said, we were here an hour and half! I felt unprepared, so, all I said was, "Well, you were rude to sit here." She said something else like I was rude, and then I did something I can't believe I did! I put my hand to her face and I said, "Please leave." She got so insulted and hoofed and puffed, and I PUT MY FINGERS IN MY EARS AND STARTED TO HUMMM!!!

I know I handled it poorly, but she walked away, and she and her friend started shouting insults at me. I just said, You shouldn't be rude! But, I know it was rude of me to shove my hand in her face.

Next time I will ask nicely if the people wouldn't mind moving to another table. And, if they mind moving, then I will ask the staff to assist me. I learned, that if you are crazy enough to sit in someone's table at a bowling alley, then you are too crazy to be spoken to.

I told a member of the staff and she said that the ladies come in often and sit where they are not supposed to sit and the staff gets complaints.

What would you have done or said?
By scoopie 14 years ago :: General
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