What to do now? Related to a question I asked a few weeks ago

Ok guys, I posted a question on here a few weeks ago regarding my girlfriend of 4 years, Sarah


So an update will help paint a better picture. We've been through a rough patch the past 4 weeks, I have put up with it for so long and I feel I need a resolution and really want to know how to go about it.

I care for Sarah a great deal, her friends recently have come back on the scene and seem to be having an influence on our relationship and cracks are beginning to form.

Recently Sarah has been keeping me out of the loop with regard to almost everything she is doing. For example, at the weekend there she went to a festival without mentioning it at all to me, I was only told 2 days beforehand. I feel this may have been to stop me airing my views on the situation.

Anyway after a huge arguement about keeping me in the loop another revelation has happened. Sarah logged onto my pc last night and forgot to sign out, recently she fleetingly mentioned a holiday and another festival, hypothetically asking if i'd be ok if she went, but nothing was 100% yet.

Anyway after checking her emails I have just found out that these hypothetical plans are indeed definate and have been for the past 3 months. I don't understand why she can't just be straight up about her plans. Does she have something to hide that she cannot have me there so keeps me in the dark until the last minute?

Any help is great. Any further info req'd please don't hesitate to ask.
By Jimbobskyline 14 years ago :: Dating
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