My friend is saying she leaving her house and moving so where else, she has kids and a husband help!?

My friend hates her husband. he is so rude to her and treats her like sh*t. everytime when she does something like clean the house, he is always on her a** saying she did it wrong or it doesnt look good. she has 2 kids. and is saying she can't stand it anymore. both of her kids are really weird. one is very emotional and is always sad and the other one is to hyper and very loud and screams about everything. She told me tonight she can't stand it anymore. That she hates her marriage. she wants to leave, and is telling me shes leaving tomorrow. i dont know what i do, i feel like i can make it so she doesnt leave. She has threatened to leave her house before and never did. But she said this is serious and is going to. please help me figure out a way to let her stay!!
By 14 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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