I always seem to fall hard for guys that have a child(s) but then leave me wide open for the baby mama drama.

I was dating this guy since mid-october, i knew him for a couple years and gotten closer the begining of october, well things got great and decided to be a couple. Fine, all is well till in the begining of january his childs mother finds out that we were dating! They haven't been together since June of that last year, and says he will always be his and that he had no right "cheating" on him, turns out, that we break up cause of all of this. I was still talking to him and seeing him, and the other stuff...she finds out and starts emailing me saying a lot of juvinile high school sayings, calling and messaging my phone etc... for some reason will not stand up for me so i let it slide, till i get to the point of getting tired of waiting for him to stick up for me.. minding he is 8 years older than this girl.. (who is still 19) i fell hard and now they moved back into together which kills me, and he is saying nothing is going on.. i want to believe him with all of my heart, but still a girls gut feelings most of the time never wrong. What should i do...
By blue_eyed86 16 years ago :: Dating
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