Boyfriend Crying Wolf on Proposals

Ok, so I would really like a guy perspective on this, but anyone can answer.

I have been with my boyfriend for 9 months now and we have a great relationship. I'm really confused by what he has been doing lately, though.

He continually talks about 'our' future kids, me having his last name, ect. Two weeks ago we went out on a Friday night with some friends and he got drunk. I drove him home and the entire ride home was about, "I want you to marry me" and, "I order you to marry me!" and "Marry me!". I kept telling him no, since he was drunk. I told him to ask me when he was sober. He seemed genuinely upset about me saying no. The next morning I told him about what he said. He said he didn't remember the night before, but he didn't deny it either. Instead he seemed hurt I didn't say yes! I explained he was drunk and I didn't say yes to drunken proposals.

Well, last week we went to a carnival. There was a little vendor cart selling these huge toy diamond rings (made of plastic). He slipped one on my finger (the wrong one) and then put it on the right one while saying, "This is the right one, I think" and then asked, "Would you marry me?". Again, I thought he was joking because it was some toy ring he picked up at a fair with a huge plastic diamond on it. I told him, "Sure. How much is that, $2.99? You better get it." He kept a straight face, took it off and put it back in its bin. This is the second time he has done this... before it was about a month ago when he came up and used one of my rings and slid it on my finger like it was a wedding ring.

I'm kind of getting tired of all these 'cry wolf' scenarios and I think if this continues I'll eventually get a real proposal but not recognize it as one. I'll probably say something sarcastic like I did with the toy ring and hurt him. Why is he doing this? Is this a game he is playing? What is going on in his head? Is this normal?
By Mizu 14 years ago :: Dating
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